1. What does the term ‘Black’ mean?

We use Black as an inclusive definition for people from ethnically diverse backgrounds who share a lived experience of the effects of racism.

2. Is there a cost involved?

Yes, the Black Leadership Job Board is a paid platform. There is a costing for Black Leadership Group Affiliate organisations, Non-Affiliate Organisations and Recruitment Organisations, see below.

BLG Affiliate

  • Single Job Advert: £97
  • 50x Job Adverts: £2,500
  • Unlimited Job Adverts: £5,000

Recruitment Organisations

  • Single Job Advert: £175
  • 50x Job Adverts: £4,000
  • Unlimited Job Adverts: £7,500


  • Single Job Advert: £150
  • 50x Job Adverts: £3,250
  • Unlimited Job Adverts: £6,500

6. How long will the job posting be live?

Each job posting will be live for 28 days.

7. Who runs the Black Leadership Job Board?

The job was built and is run in collaboration with Morgan Hunt and the Black Leadership Group. Find out more about our collaboration here: www.blackleadershipjobboard.com/our-collaboration

3. How does the payment process work?

The Black Leadership Job Board seamlessly links to Stripe, an online payment processing platform. So that means no POs and no invoices, you simply select the payment option you want, enter the card details, and once the payment has gone through, you’ll have your job advert credits. Simple as that.

If you require a VAT invoice for your accounts team you will have to reach out to Stripe, as neither Morgan Hunt nor Black Leadership Group have access to this information.

4. What types of job positions can we advertise?

We welcome job openings for all positions, regardless of seniority as long as those roles offer genuine leadership progression. You can find all current positions available here: www.blackleadershipjobboard.com/jobs

5. Will these job postings be incorporated into our recruitment system?

The Black Leadership Job Board integrates with Broadbean, so if you have Broadbean available you can post seamlessly through it.

Reach out to us here www.blackleadershipjobboard.com/contact if you would like to set that up.